The Trevor James Brands
Explore the various services and brands in the Trevor James portfolio:

  • The Trevor James Company

    Ensuring men’s health and wellness through touch, connection, companionship and community.

  • The SIdekick Bromance Experience℠

    The Sidekick Bromance Experience℠ is a non-sexual rent-a-friend service by Trevor James. Trevor James will be your non-sexual male escort to events; an activity partner; a platonic companion or friend who will listen to your problems, or give you advice about a personal or work issue, without the worry of having to be sexually involved.

  • Dr. Cuddles/The Cuddle Buddies

    Cuddle Buddies is a men-centered program ran by Certified Touch and Cuddle Therapist Trevor James, and offers services to men regardless of sexual orientation.

  • See My Los Angeles

    Custom, one-on-one private tours of Los Angeles with a local companion.

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